What Is Your Teen Doing for the Holidays?


The holidays are a busy time of year. For parents, you have dinners to host, shopping to do, and lights to hang among a host of other errands and chores. For teens, there’s gatherings to attend, friends to see, and a whole lot of exposure to alcohol and possibly other drugs. With such hectic schedules around the holiday season, it can be difficult to make sure your kids are making smart and healthy decisions. That’s why the Addiction Prevention Coalition put together this handy 8 step guide to making the process easier this year. Specifically, it mentions to stay extra vigilant on New Year’s Eve:

In particular, New Year’s Eve is the night of the year most associated with drinking and partying. Teens may put pressure on parents to let them attend unsupervised parties and sleepovers.  Because parents are sometimes out with their own friends and kids may be less than honest about their plans, the night can end in disaster.


These tips aren’t only applicable to New Year’s. They’ll help you and your children ensure a safe & sober holiday season. Click the button below to see them all:

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