Are You Setting a Good Example During the Holidays?


The holiday season can be a particularly high risk season for underage drinking, and the numbers seem to bear that out. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 11,000 children between the ages of 12 and 17 per day will try alcohol for the first time this December. That’s why the Courage to Speak Foundation has taken the time to put together this article of things parents should keep in mind this holiday season. In it, they focus on the importance of being a good role model for your children and facilitating open communications.

Here’s an example of the tips you’ll be able to find:

  1. Be clear with your expectations. Let your child know that although some adults may be drinking alcohol, they are still not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverage.

02. Teach your children that they can have a good time without alcohol, plan a non-alcoholic kid friendly party.

03. Help your children serve traditional drinks without alcohol. Such as cider, eggnog, or punch/juice.

The Courage to Speak® Foundation’s mission is dedicated to “saving lives by educating and empowering youth to be drug free and encouraging parents to talk to their children about the danger of drugs.” It was founded by Ginger Katz along with her husband Larry who present to children, parents, educators, clergy, professionals and others at many forums including state and national conferences. With a team of experts, the organization developed a drug prevention education curriculum which was evaluated and recommended by the Yale School of Medicine. Many facilitators and teachers across the country implement the Courage to Speak Foundation student curriculum in elementary, middle and high schools as well as a multi-session program for parents called Courage to Speak -Courageous Parenting 101® which give parent tools to keep their children safe.

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