Parents Empowered: How to Combat Underage Drinking

Bonding, boundaries, and monitoring; these are the three pillars of the Parents Empowered campaign. It’s a campaign created in Utah to provide parents and guardians with information about the harmful effects of alcohol on the developing teen brain. We’d like to bring this initiative to the Rose City along with its proven skills and tactics for preventing underage drinking. Why? We’re happy you asked.

A large number of underage drinkers get their alcohol from home with their parent’s permission. This may be surprising to hear, but the numbers bear out. Some parents and guardians may feel that it is a rite of passage, but it’s undoubtedly because they are unaware of the real dangers that the act poses. Other still are aware of the dangers, but are intimidated by the prospect of facing the issue on their own. They need support and resources to establish a healthy respect for illicit substances in their teens. This campaign is designed to accomplish both those things. It’s a way that we can create a better world for our teens as they navigate the already difficult path of young-adulthood.

We know that these strategies work because the results have been meticulously tracked since 2006. Among teens surveyed, the number of kids who had consumed alcohol within the last 30 days was reduced by 33%. In addition, the number of those teens who had binge drank within the previous two weeks was reduced by 45%! These are tangible and significant results that can’t be ignored.

Our goal is to create a similar program here in Portland, but we’ll need your help to reach the same levels of success. We’d like you to click the button below and visit the website for Utah’s Parent’s Empowered program in order to learn more about how we can keep our kids safe from underage drinking.

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