Make the “Marijuana Talk” an Easy One


41% of marijuana smokers say they began before the age of 15. That’s a pretty high number which underscores the importance of talking to kids early about the dangers it represents such as addiction.

It can be difficult as a parent or educator to know where to start when tackling a subject like marijuana. With legalization, normalization in popular culture, and new methods of use, it’s a conversation fraught with potential pit falls.

However, you don’t have anything to fear when it comes to talking to your kids about marijuana. The Partnership for Drug Free Kids has you covered with their Marijuana Talk Kit. Inside it you’ll find marijuana facts so that you can do your research. It has teen specific information so you can better understand what they’re going through. You’ll also be able to find tips for how to approach the subject and have the dialogue with your teen, including responses to questions they might have.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, first known as the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA) then later as the Partnership at, is a New York City-based non-profit organization which runs campaigns to prevent teenage drug and alcohol abuse in the United States. It is notable for mobilizing volunteer talent against a single social problem to help young people live their lives free of drug and alcohol abuse, and to assist parents in prevention efforts. The organization gets input from scientists, specialists in communication, researchers and others, and offers resources for parents and teenagers on its website.

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