SAMHSA’s Tips for Teens

SAMHSA’s “Tips for Teens” series, specifically designed for teens, is a number of fact sheets which address the risks, statistics, and myths about various substances that teens may use. In short, they’ll help your teen discern the differences between the facts and myths surrounding various substances they may be exposed to through their social groups.

This year, they have added two NEW fact sheets:

  • Tips for Teens: Opioids to help teens get smart on the short- and long-term effects and the signs of opioid use.
  • Tips for Teens: E-Cigarettes to get answers to questions on e-cigarette use teens might be hesitant to ask others.

In addition, they have also updated the following fact sheets with new information:

  • Tips for Teens: Marijuana fact sheet reflects new research about the effects of marijuana on brain and physical health. It also discusses the potential for long-term consequences of youth marijuana use, including mental health.
  • Tips for Teens: Tobacco fact sheet reflects new research about the effect of tobacco on teen brains and bodies, including the impacts on lung functioning.
  • Tips for Teens: Steroids fact sheet reflects new research about the effect of steroids on teen brains, bodies, and physical health.

To download your copies of these fact sheets for free, just click the button below!

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