Oregon Issues First Ever Health Alert for Tainted Marijuana


The Oregon Health Authority currently regulates the production standards for marijuana in the state of Oregon. On Friday, October 21st, the first ever health alert for tainted marijuana was issued for two strains. The strains were sold from October 15th to the 17th from a dispensary in McMinnville. These two strains were found to contain pesticides in amounts hundreds of times above acceptable levels.

The good news is that this represents an increase in regulation of the production of marijuana after an investigation by the Oregonian found laws at the time to be too lax. On the other hand, this does bring to the forefront one of the lesser discussed risks associated with marijuana consumption. Soon, regulation of the marijuana industry will be shifted to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

In a piece regarding this topic for Oregon Live, Rob Partridge, Chairman of the OLCC, said:

We will be double checking our rules to ensure we can properly protect the public.

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