Anheuser Busch Wants to Help Your Teen Stay Safe & Sober This Halloween


Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser and a number of alcohol products, has teamed up with MJ Cocoran M.Ed. to create a resource designed to aid parents in educating their teens and preventing underage alcohol consumption called “Family Talk About Drinking”. As part of that project, they have come up with five ways to help your teen avoid alcohol this Halloween season.

These five tips won’t only prove helpful this Halloween. They will help ensure your teen makes responsible choices far into the future by focusing on building the lines of love, trust, and communication between parents and their children.

Here’s an example of the information you’ll find in the piece:

1. Be aware of the pressures your teens face.

As kids grow up, Halloween becomes less about candy and trick-or-treating and more about having fun with friends. Because of the very nature of Halloween – pretending to be someone or something you’re not – there may be heightened pressure around this holiday to take part in underage drinking to fit in. As a parent, be aware of these pressures and give your kids the information they need to have the self-confidence to say no.

More than just a set of rules, “Family Talk About Drinking” is a supportive community that allows parents to learn new ideas, share stories, and ask questions about how best to tackle the problem of underage drinking. MJ Corcoran is an educator and certified parent coach with over 25 years of experience. She received her parent coaching certification through the International Network for Children and Families, The Adler School for Professional Coaching, and The Academy for Family Coach Training.

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