Steering Committee

As an educator for over 30 years, I’ve seen firsthand the detriments of the negative effects of alcohol and drugs on our community and the adverse impact on academic achievement. I’m committed to improve our community by reducing the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs on our youth and young adults.

Helen Ying (Chair)
Old Town/Chinatown Community Association

Our goals are to make the entertainment districts in Portland more family friendly and safe, and to help youth build positive norms as they take their place in society as young citizens of Oregon.

Steve Sander

Big Village is important to me because, as a father and business owner who works with young people, I not only see the impacts of substance abuse on young people but also the possibilities in them without it.

Kris Martin
Limerent Communications

Shelley has been an RN for over 40 years. 27 of those years were in the Operating Room with the main role as Pediatric Nursing Coordinator in the Operating Room and Coordinator of an Adult Trauma Team. Her entire nursing career has been in critical care at a Level 1 Trauma Center. Shelley is currently Coordinator of Injury Prevention and Outreach Education, Youth and Families, with Trauma Services and the Trauma Nurses Talks Tough Program at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. Her presentations on substance use and youth, contain information on brain development and the areas responsible for decision making, logic and short term memory.

Shelley L Campbell, RN
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center